EIFS (Exterior Insulation & Finish Systems)


EIFS allow for greater design flexibility, lower construction costs, extensive choice of colours and textures, customization to any insulation or load bearing reinforcement requirement and greater protection against inclement weather.


EIFS are one of the most energy-efficient wall-cladding systems on the market. They save more energy and control moisture better than brick, concrete block and fiber cement siding. EIFS can be attached to an approved substrate with an air/moisture or an air vapour/moisture barrier. Components include expanded polystyrene insulation board, a fibreglass reinforced base coat and a textured acrylic finish.


60-70 different finished textures, styles and colours are available to replicate the look of brick, limestone and granite. EIFS are an architect's dream material and can be shaped to create distinctive architectural details such as reveals, cornice work and quoins to enhance the look of the project. The design options with EIFS are virtually endless.


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